At Work

Price House Commision, City of Chandler, AZ.  This commission was to recreate several light fixtures from the original architectural blueprints found in the city archives.  The home was renovated and converted into the visitors center for the city of Chandler, AZ.  These pics show the recreation of the two entrance fixtures.  

Our P6 Flypress: A Flypress is an incredible tool in the hands of a metalsmith.  Immense pressure can be applied with finesse to create amazing ironwork quickly which saves money.  The following video was made to demonstrate how this pressure can forge a simple bowl from cold steel.

Wine Cellar Door Conversion: For this client a new wine cellar door was not an option so we cut out the existing door and forged grapevines for the inserts and framed them.  

Zoomation: Art in Nature In 2008 we participated in a two week event with the Phoenix Zoo. The event was designed to introduce art to kids.  We forged and installed a copper tree and worked with kids making thin copper leaves and they installed them on the tree.